Eros Editions publishes steamy erotica shorts and novels on the weird, dark, kink, taboo, and forbidden.¬†If you’re strange, then you’re among friends.

About Us

Eros Editions publishes steamy erotica shorts and novel on niche fetishes. We love the dark, weird, and unusual. They’re our eighties mix tape.

We publish erotica on the following niche fetishes:

  • Alien & Clone
  • Bondage & BDSM
  • Beast & Monster
  • Cuckold
  • Ecosexuality & Nature Porn
  • Femdom & Pegging
  • First Time & Virginity
  • Giantess & Vore
  • Group & Threesome
  • Lesbian
  • Pleasure Torture & Orgasm Torture
  • Pop Culture & Spoofs
  • Spanking
  • Teacher & Student
  • Watersports, Golden Showers, &¬†Omorashi

We love special requests. There is nothing too weird. Please contact us if you don’t see what you want, and we’ll accommodate you.



If you have an erotica story or novel you’d like to pitch, send us a note. We’re looking for new authors.